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Art of Conscious Movement


The Art of Conscious Movement is a body-oriented practice  which integrates elements of yoga, qigong, dance, dance therapy and kinesiology into a holistic unity built on the foundation of constant awareness and monitoring of bodily sensations. It uses mainly the following 3 processes:


Free Movement allows your body to feel and decide for itself, which movements and which tempo are ideal for it at the given moment. As a result you will learn to better hear and understand your body, its needs and its signals. Free movement improves flexibility, coordination, spatial intellect and lateral thinking; it helps to relieve stress, release tensions and blockades.

Structured Movement gives your body a fixed task – to structure your movements in accord with consciously and clearly formulated goals. Using this principle, you shall build your body up into a strong, stable and symmetrical construction, improve your posture and establish the awareness of your own center.

Observation of the inner motion will let you integrate the newly learned skills into your mind and body. Beyond that it will help you to see clearer and deeper into your own consciousness, its proccesses and mechanics.

This wonderfully harmonious and flexible practice is structured so that it leaves you a lot of creative freedom and allows room for self-expression while leading you comfortably and surely towards health improvement, physical fitness, spiritual balance and new levels of awareness.

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